Pharmacy Management

Comprehensive Pharmacy Management Product is designed to streamline your pharmacy operations, optimize inventory control, and ensure efficient patient service.
Pharmacy management system, Pharmacy Billing Software, Medical Billing Software

Revolutionizing Pharmacy Operations with Optimal Inventory Management

Eclinicalcare’s Pharmacy Management System is designed to transform and streamline all your pharmacy operations. From inventory control, managing purchase orders, tracking stock levels, and raising order indents to managing selling prices, discounts, and offers, our system is a complete solution. With automated GST calculations and credit bill issuance, our system ensures accurate and efficient financial handling.

Central Pharmacy & Seamless Integration with I/P

Our Pharmacy/Inventory Product features a Central Pharmacy module for efficient control and administration of all pharmacy-related activities. It integrates seamlessly with the In-Patient (I/P) product, ensuring a smooth flow of information and coordination, enhancing overall efficiency, and patient care. Try our pharmacy billing software/medical billling software.

Pharmacy Billing Software, Medical Billing Software, Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy & Inventory Management

Efficient  Management System for Seamless Operations. At eclinical care, we offer a comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize the way pharmacies manage their inventory.

Our advanced system streamlines every aspect of operations, from accurate inventory tracking to automated reordering and expiration alerts. With real-time insights into stock levels, prescription fulfillment, and medication interactions, our Management System ensures patient safety and optimal resource utilization. Experience hassle-free pharmacy management software and elevated patient care with our cutting-edge solution. Try our pharmacy billing software/medical billing software.

Pharmacy management system, Medical Billing Software, Pharmacy Management Software

Inventory Management & Stock Control

The system enables you to effectively manage your opening stock, raise requests for due order indents, and manage practice medical requests. The Indents Management feature allows for efficient reorder level changes and facilitates the management of OT PMR indents. With our Stock Adjustments feature, maintain optimal stock levels and prevent stock-out situations.

Simplified Purchase Order Management & Pricing Control

The Purchase Order Management module simplifies the creation and tracking of purchase orders, ensuring timely stock replenishment. The system allows flexibility in selling price changes, discounts, and offers on items, ensuring competitive pricing and higher customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance & Returns Management

The QA & Returns Management feature helps maintain the highest standards of quality and safety. It facilitates efficient handling of returned goods, ensuring patient safety and trust.

Automated GST Calculation & Bill Quotations

The system automates the tedious task of GST calculations, reducing errors and saving time. Additionally, it enables the creation and management of bill quotations, enhancing the transparency of financial transactions. Experience hassle-free pharmacy management software

Pharmacy management system, Pharmacy Billing Software, Medical Billing Software, Pharmacy Management Software

Our Clients


eClinicalCare's solutions have revolutionized our hospital management. With their advanced EHR system, we've been able to centralize patient data, improve efficiency, and provide better patient care. Truly a game-changer!
eClinicalcare , EHR
Dr. Alok Sharma
The Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) from eClinicalCare is nothing short of exceptional. Our lab operations have never been smoother or more efficient. We're processing more samples, faster and with greater accuracy.
eClinicalcare , EHR
Priya Patel
Operations Manager
eClinicalCare's data analytics tool is a boon for us! The insights we've gained have helped us identify areas for improvement, optimize resource allocation, and deliver more personalized care. We couldn't be happier with our decision to use eClinicalCare.
eClinicalcare , EHR
Dr. Ramanujan Iyer
Chief Medical Officer
Implementing eClinicalCare’s hospital management system has been one of our best decisions. The system has significantly streamlined our administrative processes, improving our overall efficiency and patient satisfaction.
eClinicalcare , EHR
Sunita Kapoor
Hospital Administrator