Electronic Health Record Out-Patient

EHR Out-Patient systems are designed to make your life as a healthcare provider easier by giving you access to accurate and         up-to-date information about your patients. This way, you can provide better healthcare and patient care more effectively.

Streamline Your Out-Patient Practice with Powerful EHR Software

Transform your Out-Patient care with eClinicalCare’s user-friendly EHR software. Our cloud-based solution goes beyond basic EHR, providing a powerful ecosystem to manage every aspect of your practice.

Boost efficiency with appointment scheduling, patient communication tools, and in-depth clinical documentation. Streamline workflows and empower your team to deliver exceptional patient care. eClinicalCare – Your trusted partner in modern Out-Patient healthcare.

Explore Features Of EHR- OUT PATIENT Software System

Experience the ease and efficiency of our EHR Outpatient Software System, making patient management a breeze for your healthcare practice

Present Day Visit Screen

Simplify patient visits with our Present Day Visit Screen a user-friendly tool for seamlessly recording and accessing real-time patient data during appointments

Scheduling Appointments

Book appointments hassle-free with our Scheduling Appointments feature, making it easy for patients to schedule and manage their visits

After Booking Appointments, Notifying Patients via SMS/Whatsapp

Keep patients informed effortlessly with SMS/WhatsApp notifications after booking appointments

Rescheduling Or Cancelling Appointments

Easily reschedule or cancel appointments with our intuitive feature, ensuring flexibility and convenience for patients

Room Management

Effortlessly manage room allocations and availability with our Room Management feature, ensuring smooth patient flow

Customization Consulting Types/Physician Specialties

Personalize your EHR to match different physician specialties seamlessly with our Customization Consulting service

Visit Notes

Capture detailed visit notes effortlessly with intuitive Visit Notes feature, ensuring comprehensive patient records

Customizing OP Sheet Creation and Printing

Personalize OP sheet creation and printing to perfectly align with your practice’s workflow and needs, ensuring seamless operations

Customization Billing Services

Customize your billing experience for streamlined financial management tailored to your practice

Daily Transaction Reports

Efficiently track your daily transactions with concise and informative reports.

MIS Reports(Complete Revenue Generation Analysis

Gain comprehensive insights into revenue generation through detailed MIS reports for informed decision-making

Access Features Based On User Roles

Simplify security management by assigning access levels and permissions based on user roles, ensuring streamlined operations