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Built for Medical health, Mental health, Dental, and IVF/Fertility clinics. Trusted by healthcare providers including hospitals, clinics, labs, and pharmacies worldwide.



Managing healthcare records is tricky and complex especially in the case of a hospitals, labs & clinics. eClinicalCare has started with an agenda to provide an easy to use, flexible healthcare software that helps you integrate employee, lab, patient and medical records all in one place.  With our products at eclinicalcare, the healthcare organisations can keep track of patient care and streamline their workflow so doctors and nurses can focus on what matters- ensuring patients get the best care and their medical records are up to date!


Our Products


Effectively manage samples and associated data, as well as
streamline workflows and  information exchange between labs and hospitals.


Providing a secure Electronic Health Record (EHR) product
specifically designed for utilization in outpatient care and all range of


Carefully crafted to enhance the efficiency of healthcare providers, offering precise
and real-time information on patients, thereby simplifying their workflow.


Optimizes pharmacy operations by efficiently managing inventory,
pricing, and financial tasks, seamlessly integrating with both out-patient (OP)
and in-patient (IP) systems.


How We Work

We follow a detailed process to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that our clients are happy while choosing us. 

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Our Clients


"As an Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist overseeing practices in different locations, EclinicalCare's application has proven invaluable. The seamless support for my diverse medical services, coupled with the ability to monitor all updates centrally from my account, enhances the efficiency and coordination across all branches. This application is a true asset for any OB/GYN practice owner navigating the complexities of multi-location management."
eClinicalcare , EHR
Dr. Mangavelli
"Vignesh Fertility & Children Hospitals", Vijayawada
"I've found the perfect ally for my dental practice in EclinicalCare's application. The ability to customize forms to fit my specific needs has simplified the documentation process, allowing me to provide comprehensive and personalized dental care."

eClinicalcare , EHR
Dr. Bhanu kiran
"Dr. Bhanu Kiran Dental Care"
Eluru, Andhra Pradesh
"Running a physiotherapy practice with multiple locations is a breeze with EclinicalCare's application. The central monitoring feature allows me to stay connected, and the integrated lab and pharmacy apps streamline the patient care journey for optimal results."

eClinicalcare , EHR
Dr. Mahesh
"Breeze Multispecialty Rehabilitation Center"
Manikonda, Hyderabad
"Customization is key in handling lab orders, especially from multiple hospitals and agents. EclinicalCare's application provides the flexibility we need, allowing us to create tailored packages for each agent while keeping a close eye on transactions for optimal efficiency."

eClinicalcare , EHR
Ramisetti Sri Hari Babu
"Sri Seetha Ramanjaneya Laboratory(SRD)", Vuyyuru, Vijayawada

Our Happy Clients

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