Electronic Health Record In-Patient

Elevate your healthcare delivery with eClinicalCare’s EHR In-Patient Management solution. Our advanced system is designed to optimize your in-patient services, from admission to discharge.

Streamline In-Patient Care with eClinicalCare's EHR Software Suite

We understand the intricate needs of In-Patient care providers. That’s why our robust software suite is meticulously designed to address every aspect of managing In-Patient services. From seamless admissions and program management to efficient bed coordination and treatment planning, our platform streamlines operations and enhances patient care.

Our software integrates seamlessly with labs and pharmacies, facilitating smooth data exchange for enhanced patient care.
Generate insightful reports to drive informed decision-making and optimize your operations.
Trust eClinicalCare to revolutionize your In-Patient care delivery with efficiency, compliance, and exceptional patient outcomes.

Explore Features Of EHR In-Patient Software System

Efficiently manage hospital operations with our comprehensive EHR In-Patient Software System, enhancing patient care from admission to discharge

Management of Admissions and Programs

Simplify admissions and program management with our user-friendly feature, ensuring smooth operations for your Hospital success

Efficient Coordination of Bed Availability

Effortlessly coordinate bed availability for smooth patient flow and optimized resource utilization

Composition of Treatment Plans and Progress Notes

Effortlessly compose detailed treatment plans and progress notes to ensure thorough patient care and accurate documentation

Maintaining Comprehensive Case Sheets

Maintain detailed case sheets effortlessly for thorough patient records and streamlined care coordination

Effective Management of Medical Staff

Efficiently manage medical staff with our intuitive feature, ensuring optimal coordination and productivity

IP Final and Insurance Billing Management

Simplify IP final and insurance billing management for streamlined financial processes and enhanced revenue capture

Collecting and settling IP advance amount

Easily collect and settle IP advance amounts for streamlined financial processes and enhanced patient satisfaction

Effective Discharge Summaries

Craft comprehensive discharge summaries effortlessly for smooth patient transitions and continuity of care

Efficient Department Management

Effortlessly manage departments for optimized workflow and enhanced operational efficiency.

Powered With ABDM Compliance

Empowered with ABDM compliance, ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations for data management

Seamless Integration with lab & Pharmacy

Seamlessly integrate with labs and pharmacies for streamlined data exchange and enhanced patient care

Report Analytics

Transform data into actionable insights with robust report analytics, empowering informed decisions and improved performance