Electronic Health Record In-Patient

Elevate your healthcare delivery with eClinicalCare’s EHR-In-Patient Management solution. Our advanced system is designed to optimize your in-patient services, from admission to discharge.

Electronic Health Record In-Patient​, EHR

Revolutionizing Healthcare Institutions with Enhanced Performance

eClinicalCare is redefining in-patient management by streamlining processes and enhancing patient care. Our cutting-edge software solution minimizes administrative burdens and promotes patient-focused care. It includes innovative features such as program-based admissions, treatment planning, bed management, operation theatre scheduling, and robust reporting tools. With eClinicalCare, healthcare professionals can prioritize high-quality patient care and navigate administrative tasks with ease. 

Bed Management & Operation Theatre Management

Our I/P product includes a comprehensive module for efficient bed management, tracking, and scheduling of operation theatres. The system ensures accurate allocation and tracking of beds, from admission to discharge, eliminating errors and reducing patient wait times. Similarly, operation theatre scheduling becomes a breeze with real-time monitoring, ensuring optimal utilization and efficient patient flow. 

EHR-In-Patient Management

EHR-In-Patient, EHR Software, In-Patient Management Solution

EHR-In-Patient Management

eClinicalCare Is a leading innovator in Electronic Health Record (EHR-In-Patient) solutions. Our cutting-edge EHR software transforms patient management by digitizing medical records, streamlining care coordination, and enhancing communication among healthcare providers. With our user-friendly interface, healthcare professionals can easily access comprehensive patient histories, make informed decisions, and deliver personalized care.

eClinicalCare’s In-Patient Product is the ultimate solution for healthcare institutions striving to enhance their operations and amplify patient outcomes. With our diverse modules and integrated EHR, you can ensure your organization delivers high-quality care while maximizing resource efficiency. Contact us today to explore how our system can revolutionize your healthcare organization.

EHR-In-Patient, In-Patient Management

Optimized Resource Utilization & Improved Patient Outcomes

Our In-Patient Product enables your healthcare organization to heighten operational efficiency and boost patient outcomes. It offers real-time data analytics, providing actionable insights for data-driven decision making, which can significantly enhance your organization’s overall performance. Administrative tasks like tariff management, billing packages, and inventory management are simplified, allowing your healthcare team to devote more time to patient care.

Patient Wallet & Insurance-Based Billing

The Patient Wallet feature offers a seamless, hassle-free payment experience, while the insurance-based billing feature allows for smooth processing of insurance claims. This not only improves the efficiency of your financial operations but also enhances patient satisfaction.

Integrated Communication & Reporting Tools - (EHR-In-Patient)

Our In-Patient Management System includes a robust communication module that enhances interactions between healthcare providers and patients. It supports various communication options, enabling instant updates, alerts for critical health changes, and seamless coordination among caregivers

EHR-In-Patient, EHR Software, In-Patient Management

Our Clients


eClinicalCare's solutions have revolutionized our hospital management. With their advanced EHR system, we've been able to centralize patient data, improve efficiency, and provide better patient care. Truly a game-changer!
eClinicalcare , EHR
Dr. Alok Sharma
The Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) from eClinicalCare is nothing short of exceptional. Our lab operations have never been smoother or more efficient. We're processing more samples, faster and with greater accuracy.
eClinicalcare , EHR
Priya Patel
Operations Manager
eClinicalCare's data analytics tool is a boon for us! The insights we've gained have helped us identify areas for improvement, optimize resource allocation, and deliver more personalized care. We couldn't be happier with our decision to use eClinicalCare.
eClinicalcare , EHR
Dr. Ramanujan Iyer
Chief Medical Officer
Implementing eClinicalCare’s hospital management system has been one of our best decisions. The system has significantly streamlined our administrative processes, improving our overall efficiency and patient satisfaction.
eClinicalcare , EHR
Sunita Kapoor
Hospital Administrator