Hospital Management System

The all-in-one hospital management system (HMS) for managing the workflow of healthcare organizations.

Seamless Operations With eClinicalCare HMS Software

Welcome to eClinicalCare, your trusted partner in transforming healthcare delivery through cutting-edge cloud-based software solutions.

At eClinicalCare, we understand the unique challenges faced by hospitals, clinics, Labs, Pharmacies and individual practitioners in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

That’s why we’ve developed comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) software tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern healthcare providers.

eClinicalCare caters to a diverse range of healthcare providers


Our eClinicalCare Cloud-Based EHR software simplifies complex In-Patient and Out-Patient care across multiple locations, minimizing errors and ensuring efficient management


eClinicalCare Cloud-Based EHR software makes managing patient care easy for clinics of all sizes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while avoiding mistakes


Simplify your lab management with our eClinicalCare Cloud-Based LIMS software, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in multiple locations


Streamline your pharmacy operations effortlessly with eClinicalCare Pharmacy management software. From inventory tracking to patient management, revolutionize your workflow with ease

Seamless Out-Patient Care: eClinicalCare's Cloud-Based EHR Solution

Transform your hospital or clinic with eClinicalCare EHR Out-Patient Software, a cloud-based solution designed for seamless patient management.

With over 17 years of experience in healthcare software development, we bring expertise and innovation to every aspect of your practice. Streamline workflows, from appointment scheduling to record-keeping, and elevate efficiency with our trusted platform. Experience the future of healthcare with eClinicalCare’s proven, user-friendly EHR solution. More Info

Enhance In-Patient Care with eClinicalCare's EHR Inpatient Software

Transform hospital and clinic operations with eClinicalCare’s EHR In-Patient Software. Streamline patient care from admission to discharge with our intuitive platform.

Enhance efficiency and accuracy in medical records management with user-friendly features. Experience seamless integration and improved patient outcomes with eClinicalCare’s trusted solution. More Info

Transform Your Lab Workflow: eClinicalCare's LIMS Software Simplifies Operations

Discover the power of eClinicalCare’s LIMS software, your lab’s ultimate ally for seamless operations. Say goodbye to tedious sample tracking and hello to streamlined analysis and reporting.

Enjoy user-friendly features that make your work easier and more accurate, saving your time and resources. With eClinicalCare, your lab runs smoother, delivering precise results faster for better patient care. Embrace efficiency and productivity like never before with our trusted solution. More Info

Optimize Pharmacy Operations Across Locations with Pharmacy Management Software

Empower your pharmacy network with eClinicalCare’s Pharmacy Management software, designed to streamline operations across multiple locations.

Simplify prescription management, inventory tracking, and customer interactions with our intuitive platform.

Enjoy seamless integration and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each location. From managing stock to improving customer service, our software enhances efficiency at every turn. Elevate patient care and boost productivity with eClinicalCare’s trusted solution. More Info

Benefits Of eClinicalCare Medical Suite

Centralized Information
Increased Operation Efficiency
Enhanced Communication
Enhanced Quality Of Patient Care
Decreasing the Error Rate In the Medical Practice
Compliance and Reporting
Cost Saving
Decision Support
Continuity Of Care
Enhanced Security


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Managing healthcare records is tricky and complex especially in the case of a hospitals, labs & clinics. eClinicalCare has started with an agenda to provide an easy to use, flexible healthcare software that helps you integrate employee, lab, patient and medical records all in one place.
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