Lab Information Management System (LIMS)

Lab Information Management System (LIMS) is a cloud based solution with labs to store & retrieve patients order data. It is Integarted with EHR system for easy access of patient results. In addition, we have Inventory & Billing.

eClinicalCare LIMS Software Operations

eClinicalCare’s highly advanced LIMS software improves operations and provides a system to track, standardize, organize, and centralize all the data, processes, and tasks in a Lab. Our fully configurable cloud based LIMS system is easily accessible for all your lab management needs from multiple locations.

Our flagship product, LIMS software helps laboratories in managing their daily functions with lower operational costs by automating manual tasks. eClinicalCare’s LIMS software is designed efficiently to create optimized and highly adaptable workflows.

Basic WorkFlow Of LIMS(Lab):

Explore Features Of LIMS Software System

Explore the advanced features of LIMS software, empowering laboratories with enhanced efficiency, compliance, and data-driven insights

Multiple Location Access

eClinicalCare’s LIMS software enables seamless access across multiple locations, streamlining operations with centralized management

Quick Patient Registration

Effortlessly register patients with eClinicalCare’s quick patient registration feature

Advanced Customization (Including New Tests).

Achieve advanced customization, including new tests, with eClinicalCare’s LIMS software System

Lite User For Reception/Staff

Enable reception staff with Lite User functionality in eClinicalCare for simplified access and streamlined operations.

B2B Account Login Access

Gain streamlined B2B account login access with eClinicalCare’s efficient platform, facilitating seamless business interactions

B2B Invoice Generation

Effortlessly generate B2B invoices with eClinicalCare’s streamlined platform for optimizing business transactions.

Report Delivery Via WhatsApp, Mail, Message

Deliver reports conveniently via WhatsApp, email, and messaging with eClinicalCare’s versatile platform.

Customizable Result Reports

Create personalized result reports effortlessly with eClinicalCare’s flexible feature, ensuring data is presented just the way you need it.

Customizable Billing Charges

Customize your billing charges effortlessly with eClinicalCare, ensuring invoices reflect your preferences accurately.

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